run the risk

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Hunt feared that he might be several days in passing through this mountain defile, and run the risk of famine, he encamped in the neighborhood of the Indians, for the purpose of bartering with them for a horse.
And you would really run the risk for four thousand pounds?
Fast-paced and character-driven, Run the Risk is an engaging work of realistic fiction appropriate for reluctant readers.
UK dairy farmers are being advised to remove aftermath from silage fields or run the risk of a higher mycotoxin challenge in the conserved forage they make this year.
3pm REEBOK STADIUM BOLTON v NEWCASTLE BOLTON boss Owen Coyle believes Newcastle run the risk of losing their manager Chris Hughton if his contract situation is not resolved quickly.
It forms part of a Europe-wide initiative around level crossing safety and runs in conjunction with Network Rail's Don't Run the Risk campaign.
But with a tight timetable which involves closing the main cross-city rail line for four days in December 2010 while construction work takes place, the council could not afford to run the risk of further delays in preparatory work for phase two.
They run the risk of an instant fine if they are seen, and highways staff are determined to catch them.
Apgar added, "By relentlessly decreasing operating costs per square foot--the agreed upon 'best practice' in corporate real estate--regardless of how the business might change in the future, real estate executives run the risk of under managing one of the largest variables on the corporate books.
Burns's desire to rage against the machine will resonate with many viewers, but one can't help but wonder if rage expressed with such broad naivete doesn't run the risk of simply fueling the very machine it opposes, rather than becoming a spanner in its works.
Make sure that the aircraft and covers are dry before putting the covers on the aircraft or you run the risk of them freezing on the aircraft.
If kids don't have a positive safe space to be themselves, many run the risk of turning to other things to help them cope with the world," such as drugs or even suicide, says Kilmnick, who serves as LIG ALY's executive director.