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According to the latest exit polls, run-offs for the mayors of the cities of Plovdiv, Shumen and Vidin are likely to take place as no candidate garnered more than 50 % of the votes at the first round of the local elections, which took place in Bulgaria on Sunday.
People's participation in Tehran, Rey, Shemiranat and Islamshahr constituency has witnessed an increase compared with the run-off vote in the eighth parliamentary elections," Baratlou told FNA yesterday.
It's a nightmare because even if Eye Onthe Tempo wins the run-off, that will be his final race run," he said.
The attack was claimed by the Taliban, who have vowed to disrupt the run-off and said the guest-house was targeted because of the United Nations' role in helping organise the Afghan election.
7 run-off, a move that should guarantee Karzai a second term in office but also threatens his legitimacy.
Western officials have already described as "disturbing" plans for the run-off, which both Kabul and Washington hope will end weeks of political uncertainty.
backed fraud watchdog invalidated tens of thousands of votes for him in the August presidential election, making a run-off likely.
Amid the controversy, Afghanistan is yet to elect a new president and there is still no clear indication about whether there will be a run-off.
The MDC has said around 70 of its supporters have been killed since the first round of the election on March 29, and human rights groups and Western powers have said the run-off election has already been tainted by violence.
We are convinced that the run-off is unnecessary," Thokozani Khupe, deputy leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, told reporters after a meeting of senior party members in the capital Harare.
Mr Tsvangirai, addressing reporters in the South African capital, said his supporters would feel "betrayed" if he did not face Zimbabwe's ruler of 28 years in the run-off.
THE presidential run-off pitting President Robert Mugabe against opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai will not be held in the next few weeks as required by law, the head of the electoral commission said in an interview.