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For example, Apple recommends that higher rungs be no more than 200% the data rate of the lower rung.
Therefore, an automated, systematic approach is required that can simplify the program logic of this kind of complex ladder rungs in an efficient way, thus the users can understand the program logic behind a particular output easily.
This framework incites market entrance at the lower rungs of the ladder of investment since the initial capital outlay is significantly lower, and thereby lowers the overall risk.
I had also worried my partner Gordon, a keen climber, would be bored as he followed me up the series of fixed cables, metal rungs, ladders and bridges.
A BULLY is facing jail for killing a friend who died when he became stuck in the rungs of a loft ladder.
Bases, which form the rungs in a twisted DNA ladder, are components of nucleotides.
It's the first rung on the ladder but there are still another 150 rungs to go before we get to equality in marriage.
Inspect rung assembly; worn or missing non-skid matting, loose or broken rungs and fittings--require replacement.
So, any single method that can skip the rungs of the ladder is a prized tool for probing the universe.
You can feel (as firm as any step on a stair) the rungs under your
Punch a hole in the top of Christmas cards that have been sprayed with gold spray glitter and accented with a gold marking pen, and hang them with 1/4-inch gold ribbon from the rungs of the tree form.
The scenarios divide the population into five rungs of income and wealth.