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Casotto said, The acquisition by Altair marks a new chapter in the evolution of Runtime technology, which will benefit from significant additional resources, skillsets and support globally,.
We already rely on Runtime Intelligence to improve mobile user experience," said David Kelley, Principal User eXperience Architect for Wirestone.
The addition of Runtime is synergistic with our technology roadmap to support the growing EDA and semiconductor market segments for HPC and our clients transitions to connected devices and hybrid systems, said James R.
PreEmptive Solutions Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone 7 is an example of how Microsoft's tools and developer platform offer unique opportunities for developers and partners," noted Brandon Watson, Director, Windows Phone 7, Microsoft Corp.
AmberPoint is the industry's leading provider of SOA runtime governance solutions.
In October, AmberPoint introduced the first agentless SOA runtime governance solution, a game-changing product for the industry.
Utilizing both agent-based and agentless technologies, AmberPoint provides the industry's broadest platform coverage, delivering comprehensive SOA runtime governance regardless of an organization's current platform decisions and future mergers and acquisitions.
With its policy-based approach to SOA runtime governance, we are able to reliably reuse functionality from aging legacy systems, cutting costs and increasing efficiency.
AmberPoint's latest customers include global leaders in insurance, telecommunications, financial services, and government, extending AmberPoint's leadership in the burgeoning market for service oriented architecture (SOA) runtime governance software.
The presentation, entitled "The Voices of SOA Experience," will provide analysis as well as an example of real-world success with policy-based SOA runtime governance.
The XRT is a 100 W, 110VAC / 12VDC power support system with over 2200 Watt-hours runtime.
Next-generation SOA Runtime Governance Architecture Brings New Capabilities for Leveraging SOA Platforms and Infrastructure