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RUPEE, comm. law. A denomination of money in Bengal. In the computation of ad valorem duties, it is valued at fifty-five and one half cents. Act of March 2, 1799, s. 61; 1 Story's L. U. S. 627. Vide Foreign coins.
     2. The rupee of British India as money of account at the custom-house, shall be deemed and taken to be of the value of forty-four and one half cents. Act of March 3, 1848.

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But the sudden fall in the rupee value has impacted remittances inversely, propelling them by a significant 15 to 20 per cent.
997 billion rupees has been released for the various projects of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and 320 million Rupees for Interior Division.
The PML-Q government had given tax concessions worth rupees 240 billion while the PPP government had awarded tax concessions worth rupees 892 billion concessions to the blue-eyed industrialists during their tenures in power.
When the rupee fell, I took a personal loan locally, made use of the interest rate arbitrage and the record deprecation to the fullest extent possible and I paid off my home loan in India, for which I was paying 13 per cent," said Hema, a Sharjah-based bank employee.
According to the document, 18,049 million rupees is the total Capital of the company to-date while 39,076 million rupees is the total reserves.
Beyond it, the rate will be 47 rupees and 50 paise per SCM.
According to Pakistan's 2013 Haj policy, the government has increased "blue" category charges from 319,475 rupees to 411,070 rupees.
The dealers said during the early hours of trading Indian rupee plunges 62.
So, each dollar earned abroad will now get them more rupees.
The contract is one-tenth the size of regular DGCX Indian Rupee Futures contract
With Indian expatriates looking to capitalise on the declining value of the rupee against the Qatari riyal, Doha-based exchange companies are witnessing a sharp increase in remittance to the South Asian country.
The RBI, seeking to temper speculation, on Thursday curbed trading in rupee forwards.