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AGRICULTURE. The art of cultivating the earth in order to obtain from it the divers things it can produce; and particularly what is useful to man, as grain, fruit's, cotton, flax, and other things. Domat, Dr. Pub. liv. tit. 14, s. 1, n. 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The rural sector is in dire need of private investments and management skills.
However, there are, of course, still concerns despite a positive outlook for the future - the CLA outline the importance of, for example, the Government reducing uncertainty by providing reassurance and clear-cut guidelines to the rural sector.
Moreover, the rural sector has a major share of the decorative paints segment.
The bank is the apex refinancing agency providing short-term and long-term refinance to state cooperative agricultural and rural development banks, state cooperative banks, regional rural banks, commercial banks, and other financial institutions approved by RBI to augment credit flow for production and investment purposes in the agriculture and rural sector.
The Aberdeenshire farmer, who is also chairman of the family's Mackie's of Scotland ice cream business, yesterday unveiled proposals to set up Rural Sector Wingen.
The aid includes BZ$17.5 million (6 million [euro]) under the "2007 Accompanying Measures for Sugar Protocol Countries" to help improve the rural sector. The southern banana growing area will receive another BZ$5.25 million (1.8 million [euro]) through the Special Framework of Assistance (SFA) 2007.
"This shows the multiplicity of these payments which trickle down across the entire rural sector."
In this study, researchers define the rural sector versus rural natural resource sectors in these economies, describe their contribution to development, define and describe the purpose of the spatial approach model as it applies to these sectors, and describe the means of developing effective policies and infrastructures, competing in trade and development, and promoting economic and social development in rural areas.
Because about three-fourths of the world's poor are located in the rural sector, global poverty would decline from the elimination of industrial country agricultural protection and subsidies.
Morocco is to be allocated Euro 131 million to finance a series of projects principally concerning vocational training (Euro 50 million), promoting trade (Euro 61 million) and job creation, notably in the rural sector (Euro 10 million).
The Federation of Small Businesses and the Country Landowners' Association will work together on matters of common concern, such as regulation of small firms in the rural sector.

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