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RURAL. That which relates to the country, as rural servitudes. See Urban.

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Hasanimehr, Seyyedeh Sedigheh [3] in a study entitled "Structure of rural settlement in relation to geographical factors in Astara villages published in the Journal of natural geography in the Islamic Azad University, Lar branch, conclude that due to geographical factors mechanisms and environmental capacities and neighboring with Azerbaijan has a major role in the establishment of rural settlements occurs in Astara.
Addressing the 1st International Conference on Rural Settlements (Housing and Texture) in Tehran, Singh hailed Iran as an active member of CIRDP adding that India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Pakistan, Thailand and Philippines are among other member states.
Focusing on Rural settlements, sites discussed include medieval settlements in Tullykane and Cookstown Co.
About 150 thousand rubles owed the administration of one of the rural settlements of Loktevsky district, concluding a contract with the business entity for work on replacing the water pipe in the absence of appropriate funds in the local budget.
Today at the Kazanchik dam it was this holiday that brought together not only the fishermen, but also the members of their families, as well as the residents of the Chumankasinsky rural settlement, the fans.
In addition, literally on the eve of the new 2018, the House of Culture was ceremoniously opened in the rural settlement of Psynadakh of the Zola district, built as part of the program for the sustainable development of rural areas.
Electronic auction: major overhaul of the facade of the house of culture in the village snegirevka at: leningrad region, priozersky district, mo sosnovskoe rural settlement, sneghirevka village
Electronic auction: performing contracting works on the object "landscaping of the public garden" central "along sovetskaya street, 1 in the village of sukhoy donets of sukhodonetsk rural settlement of bogucharskiy municipal district of the voronezh region" (improvement of places for mass recreation of the population of urban and rural settlements of the voronezh region (parks, squares) promotion of the development of municipalities and local self-government "in 2018)
Electronic auction: works on the repair of street lighting equipment for settlements in the village of chirichkasy, nyurshi village, topnik village, anishkasy village, shiner village, anishkhiri village, first toysi village, toishi, anishkhiri village of the chirichkasinsky rural settlement of the tsivilsky district of the chuvash republic
Electronic auction: implementation of the activities of the subprogram "construction, reconstruction, major repairs and repair of public roads of local importance on the territory of the krasnodar territory" in the village of krasnoarmeyevsky rural settlement of the krasnoarmeysky district of the state program of the krasnodarsky krai "development of the network of highways in the krasnodar territory"

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