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parquet piece, not below grade b (rustical, standard grade) stb 1454-2004, no longer than 400 mm long - 1676 m2 plinth wooden brand pl-4 according to stb 1074-2009-938.
E ara he apres, e clarament veig e perceb, que lletja cosa es caure en mans de pagesos e gent pagesivol e rustical, e d'hom brutal e de fembra cruel, car a res no han pietat ne sabrien remetre una injuria, ne haver misericordia de persona del mon, pus que sien en furia; ne saben en res usar de cortesia, car son com a gent bruta e sens tota rao (23).
Joan Cromwell, the Protector's wife, yields some laudable truth about a woman who boycotted Spanish oranges during the war in the West Indies and, refusing to bend to urban snobbery, served a "rustical" sort of food, cream cheese dusted with nutmeg, to perhaps disgruntled guests.