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RUTA, civ. law. The name given to those things which are extracted or taken from land, as sand, chalk, coal, and such other things. Poth. Pand. liv. 50, h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Rute has held senior positions at the European Commission and has experience in business and research programmes.
A ausencia de controles exigidos pela educacao dos filhos e pelo trabalho formal tambem apareceram como elementos estruturantes da autopercepcao dos colaboradores: Dona Rute admitiu que sua rotina atual e muito agradavel, pois "nao tenho marido, nao tenho filhos, nao tenho nada.
Rute Goncalves and Patricia Lopes (2014) study showed that stakeholders will get high benefit when they focus on large firm with high biological assets intensity.
when a flood hit district, where she her parents, in Rute was 14 w the Nsanje di lived with 2015.
Nas falas dos gestores (n=4) das EDs pesquisadas, os programas preestabelecidos mais recorrentes nas universidades, referencias relevantes na constituicao de EDs de cursos a distancia UNA-SUS, foram: Universidade Aberta do Brasil (UAB); Programa Telessaude; Rede RUTE; Programa Mais Saude: Direito de Todos (Programa Mais Saude); e os Planos Municipais de Saude.
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