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certificate of deposit (CD)

n. a document issued by a bank in return for a deposit of money which pays a fixed interest rate for a specified period (from a month to several years). Interest rates on CD's are usually higher than savings accounts because banking institutions require a commitment to leave money in the CD for a fixed period of time. Often there is a financial penalty (fee) for cashing in a CD before the pledged time runs out.

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As a developer of the SACD format, Sony is dedicated to expanding the awareness for and broadening the acceptance of this trailblazing technology," said Michael Mitchell, vice president/general manager, Sony Disc Manufacturing.
One neat feature of the DV-980H is its ability to directly convert DSD data to PCM, thereby allowing the unit to send converted SACD data down an HDMI 1.
The SACD format was developed by Sony and Philips Electronics and is an enhanced audio standard that allows for higher resolution of music, resulting in remarkably faithful and pure audio reproduction.
Ca Ira" is being released in the hybrid SACD (Super Audio CD) format in Dolby Digital 5.
Unfortunately, neither the SACD sound nor the Stokowski performances are anything to write home about.
And with more and more releases available in DVD-A and SACD it's quite cool to know that you're in at the ground floor of a sonic revolution.
On the hot side, the SACD stereo layer can be enormously dynamic, so much so that you may find yourself turning the volume up and down.
The SACD Hybrid version (playable on all CD, DVD and SACD players) features Disc One with the original album in CD Audio, SACD Stereo and SACD 5.
Combined with features such as HDMI, HD-JPEG, DVD-Audio, SACD decoding and Class D modulation, the Vaddis 8 series of ICs is one of the most powerful DVD solutions today.
Is the Stereo SACD layer on the SFSO Mahler discs actually a 2 Channel SACD mix or is it the same quality as the red book 16 bit cd layer?
New releases in the DVD-A format are dwindling, but SACD still offers a reasonable selection.