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The result is that a host can issue new Write commands to a SCSI target in faster succession than is possible with standard architecture.
Begin, for example, with a SCSI hard drive or perhaps a tape backup unit, both of which are relatively simple to install.
Performance remains an area where SCSI drives have an advantage over ATA drives.
SAS disk drives also provide additional system resilience via Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) capability, optimized sequential addressing features, SCSI protocol native data integrity and error event handling capability.
Serial SCSI Protocol (SSP): A mapping of SCSI supporting multiple initiators and targets
In contrast, SCSI disk drives are designed to meet the needs of mainstream servers, workstations and RAID storage systems.
Serial-Attached SCSI offers a full, dual-ported connection that supports the most stringent of high-availability requirements.