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According to media reports, the Syrian army is in possession of new Scud missiles too.
When a scud missile lands the first thing he does is to see whether the chicken is alive by pulling the rope.
Davis declined to provide specifics on the remaining Syrian missile stockpile but said it has diminished greatly since the early period of the Syrian civil war when the Bashar Assad government frequently fired Scud missiles at rebel forces.
Thursday's launch was the North's first firing of a Scud missile since 2009, which "poses a threat to South Korea as the whole Korean Peninsula is in range," he added.
They have a range of 200-250 km (125-155 miles), and a high-explosive warhead that can weigh up to 1,100 pounds, which is almost double the explosive most SCUD missiles can carry(http://defense-update.
The report said satellite imagery released after Tuesday, a day after the April 15 celebrations of the 101st anniversary of the birth of late founder Kim Il Sung, showed that two additional mobile missile transporter-erector-launchers for short-range Scud missiles were moved to Wonsan and South Hamgyeong Province at its eastern coast, raising the number of such launchers in the eastern coastal areas to nine.
He added that the actions of the Syrian regime including the use of Scud missiles which caused enormous destruction in Aleppo, internationally banned weapons against unarmed civilians, are flagrant violations of humanitarian values and laws.
Following Thursday's confirmation by the Secretary General of NATO that Syria had fired Scud missiles, online activists have uploaded footage appearing to show President Assad's forces launching the ballistic weapons.
After Saddam Hussein fired Scud missiles at Israel during the Persian Gulf War, the United States reacted strongly, classing those weapons with Baghdad's chemical and biological arms when it sought a postwar arms-control regime.
Air raid sirens rang out in Tel Aviv for the first time since the Gulf War when the city was struck by 39 Scud missiles from Iraq.
The battle between Gaddafi forces and rebels has been raging for six months but Scud missiles have not been deployed before.
Israel claimed in April Syria was providing the Shiite militant group Hizbullah with Scud missiles.