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The "production of this promotional advertising, entrusted with a team of professionals, falls as part of the implementation of the plan SDAT and aims at prop up Algeria's image in order to promote destination Algeria," Rahmani told a news conference after the showing, in preview, of this advert for promoting Algeria image.
Commodity aluminum sheet sales in Western Japan has already been consolidated at SDAT since January 2004.
The 2014 edition of the tournament will be held at Chennai's SDAT Stadium from December 30 to January 5.
By plotting the time it takes for each adhesive bead to develop the strength required to exceed applicable FMVSS guidelines, under numerous climatic conditions, Sika is then able to use its SDAT Charts as conclusive proof for each and every Sika auto glass adhesive.
The subject of the tender is:a) providing consulting services in the areas of:- Data migration from the current system to the new MTS collection system SDAT,- Ensuring the concurrence of both systems during the transitional period,- Switching systems, follow-up data processing sponsor of the MTS application data interface for application data interface SDAT,- Phasing operation of MTS;b) development and implementation of export procedures and modules in order to obtain input data (export) of the current information system MTS for subsequent import into the new system SDAT.