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The logistical challenges and fundraising requirements for the SDAT represented an important capacity-building exercise for the Urban Charrette.
SDAT has also developed an air-introduction system* and a sprinkler system to substantially increase the efficiency of melting frost and ice that adhere to the evaporator.
3)Les donnees concernant la Martinique, la Guadeloupe et Antigua and Barbuda ont ete ajoutees par Paul Rosele Chim d'apres SDAT / Ifremer / Ministere de la peche Antigua.
was a 90-year-old woman with SDAT of 5 years' standing.
The Dubuque SDAT conference in 2007 focused on five major land use and urban design issues:
Stating that the Davis Cup has returned to Chennai after 31 years and SDAT Stadium was hosting the tie.
He would be looking to qualify for the main draw and earn crucial points at the start of the year that can The qualifying singles rounds will be played on Friday and Saturday at the SDAT Stadium.
With months of preparation and ongoing community projects, the Sustainability Committee brought in a broad range of stakeholders to participate in the SDAT visit.
The "production of this promotional advertising, entrusted with a team of professionals, falls as part of the implementation of the plan SDAT and aims at prop up Algeria's image in order to promote destination Algeria," Rahmani told a news conference after the showing, in preview, of this advert for promoting Algeria image.
Commodity aluminum sheet sales in Western Japan has already been consolidated at SDAT since January 2004.
These studies vary in subject nationality, sample size, whether or not mixed MID/ SDAT subjects were included as MID subjects, the diagnostic methods to classify the dementias, and the care in accepting the diagnosis of diabetes, which may be erroneous [15].