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SEDI is one of the world's leading company in the optical communication components market while also providing various solution in other areas, such as mobile communication, consumer-use application and automobile market.
The SEDI, which was competitively awarded, offers new opportunities for MITRE to continue our efforts in support of national security and to work in partnership with DHS to ensure the success of their mission and goals.
The Department of Sustainable Development within SEDI supports the execution of multiple-country conservation projects such as the Amazon-Andes Protected Area Metadata Database (AAPAD), which is supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.
The disposition of the 12,000,000 common shares was filed with SEDI (System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders).
lt;<Congregatio exprimit et exercet Sedis Apostolicae sollicitudinem circa promotionem et ordinationem institutionis catholicae>>.
Idem quoque Summus Pontifex Regulas servandas in iudiciis apud Supremum Apostolicae Signaturae Tribunal die VI mensis Martii anni MCMXII confirmare ratasque facere dignatus est; quin immo vim iisdem auctoritatemque Legis peculiaris pro Supremo Apostolicae Signaturae Tribunali attribuens, in Actis Apostolicae Sedis referri, promulgari et ab omnibus, ad quos spectaret, stricte in posterum observari iussit.
In delictis de quibus in [seccion] 1 Congregationi pro Doctrina Fidei ius est, de mandato Romani Pontificis, iudicandi Patres Cardinales, Patriarchas, Legatos Sedis Apostolicae, Episcopos, necnon alias personas physicas de quibus in can.