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SEDI is one of the world's leading company in the optical communication components market while also providing various solution in other areas, such as mobile communication, consumer-use application and automobile market.
The SEDI, which was competitively awarded, offers new opportunities for MITRE to continue our efforts in support of national security and to work in partnership with DHS to ensure the success of their mission and goals.
In addition to the Department of Homeland Security's SEDI, it also operates three other federally funded research and development centers for the Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Veterans Affairs, with principal locations in Bedford, Mass.
The internationally award winning SEDI team is made up of the most experienced and respected PV system experts in the country.
The Department of Sustainable Development within SEDI supports the execution of multiple-country conservation projects such as the Amazon-Andes Protected Area Metadata Database (AAPAD), which is supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.
This prestigious award recognizes Inphi for demonstrating excellence in all supplier performance areas, delivering outstanding contributions in quality, technology and flexibility in support of SEDI s many initiatives.
The other options reported on SEDI are tied to several stringent vesting conditions, which include the possibility that Mr.
The disposition of the 12,000,000 common shares was filed with SEDI (System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders).
Associated with the estimate is greater than or equal to 25 000 EUR HT, SEDI, acting as prime contractor, intends to entrust to companies on the territory of its member municipalities.
Framework agreement to make public and related civil engineering lighting work estimated to cost less than 25,000 HT entrusted to enterprises on the territory of the member municipalities SEDI
SEDI is preparing for a rise in demand supposed to start in 2015 and select the Aixtron system due to its reputation for 4-inch wafer uniformity and precise process control, which is mainly important for device production on cost-intensive SiC wafers.