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This is important because a two-fold increase of SMN protein levels has the potential to provide meaningful clinical benefit to SMA patients.
Just 10 months later, Amy and Danny Hawtin were devastated when their four-month-old daughter Abigail was also diagnosed with SMA.
The new website offers information about the ongoing open enrollment in the Gene Transfer Clinical Trial for SMA Type 1 (NCT02122952), information about the gene therapy biologic currently called chariSMATM, and links to connect patients, parents, and families with organizations, foundations, and support and advocacy groups around the world.
In Philadelphia, we unveiled our new logo, which we collectively felt created the image of energy and distinction we aspire to as we endeavor to take SMA into a new era.
Usage of the cloud is growing in the insurance industry, SMA says, but is still in the early-adoption phase.
Improved Motor Function--Too much weight or too little weight can cause children with SMA to decline in both strength and ability to move.
I dream of having to change my plans of becoming an SMA researcher because the cure has been found.
Aviva investment products distribution development manager, Stuart Fechner, said, 'We believe the potential for SMAs in Australia is huge.
In SMA, not all of the messages sent from the brain asking the muscles to work get through.
SMAs provide practice- based guidance to the global financial community on management accounting and financial management concepts, policies, and techniques.
Although the principle of SMA actuator control is simple, its dynamics is quite limited.
In the initial meeting, Joel Denbo, ISRI's chair, and Keith Busse, chair of the SMA, called for an improved level of trust, understanding and interaction between the two groups.