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The device is also offered in a 44-pin LQFP, 44-pin SOJ, and a 48-pin mBGA.
4 (AIRF bunglow) at State Entry Road, provision of work stations in drawing office in DRM office, renovation of 1st & II Ird floor Accounts office Annexure-ll building, repair and renovation of circulating area, verandah and staircase on 1st floor DAO building, repair & renovation of verandah, door%s and stair cases in lllrd floor DAO building in the section of SSE/W/Transit Camp under ADEN/E-II and provision of training centre for wood technology at SOJ Nursery in the section of SSE/W/HNZM under ADEN/E-I.
Packages include TSOP, TQFP, SOP, SOJ, SOIC, PDIP and BGA.
Tenders are invited for Electrical work in connection with provision of LED flood light on portals at washing line at ANVT replacement of overhead with underground cable at Sri Ram Road & Boulevard Road Railway Colony with other allied works replacement of overhead with underground cable & other allied works at GZB & improvement of office store and workshop of SSE/W at HNZM and SOJ in the S/o SSE/W/HNZM.
It is the same physical size as today's industry standard 64MB DIMMs built with SOJ components and is the only solution compatible with next-generation DRAM including Synchronous, DDR SDRAM (SDRAM II), and faster system buses.