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Many of our members pass through the operational boundaries of the network, whether racing or cruising, and the Trustees of the CYCA SOLAS Trusts view the investment support provided as a natural fit to the objectives of the trusts.
Another amendment to SOLAS requires that ship registration numbers be made visible on vessels to help port and shipping authorities identify them.
The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Darwin is the first organisation in the Northern Territory to receive funding from the CYCA SOLAS Trusts.
The public will once again have the opportunity to purchase spots on a select number of competing maxis via an ebay auction to raise fund for the CYCA SOLAS Trusts.
To date, CYCA SOLAS Trusts has donated over $840,000 to search and rescue organisations Australia-wide," chairman Matt Allen said.
COMMODORE Howard Piggott, together with CYCA SOLAS Trusts Chairman Matt Allen and the CYCA Associates Committee, extends an invitation to all CYCA Members, ocean racers and guests to attend an evening with Grant Simmer in support of the CYCA Safety of Life at Sea Trusts.
The annual CYCA SOLAS Trusts dinner will be held on Friday October 25 at the CYCA.
UAIS is a growing part of international SOLAS (safety of life at sea) conventions, which now require automatic identification of vessels of certain size to other vessels and transmission of identification and status information to land-based VTS (vessel traffic services) receivers.
9-meter SOLAS rescue boat having waterjet propulsion will be made for the NOAA shipNancy Foster and a 5.
Designed for round-the-world sailors to use in the toughest sea conditions, SOLAS Transoceanic standard rafts usually include extensive survival equipment, rations and emergency gear.
The re-certification is required for all lights approved under the 1998 SOLAS amendments, and only lights with the new certification may be deployed on ships after July 1, 1999.
Objective: SOLAS project targets the development of disruptive spatial division multiplexing technology merged with the radical new technology of orbital angular momentum fibres to deliver low cost, high capacity communication networks of the future.