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The Protocol 1988 SOLAS Convention, on the other hand, specifies the standards for the construction, equipment and operation of ships compatible with their safety.
For more information on the SOLAS Container Weight Verification Requirement, visit the www.
SOLAS runs on an AT&T 6312WGS PC computer supervised by Evelyn Garcia, the director of admissions operations.
It is hoped she may take part in the SOLAS Big Boat Challenge.
Ideal for vessels required to retrofit ECDIS to meet amended SOLAS requirements, the modular E5024 ECDIS system offers simple installation in either single-station or dual-station (PLECDIS) configurations.
Adopting the Poignant report, the Committee endorsed a number of amendments to the Commission text demanding a transitional period until 2015 for compliance by ro-ro ferries operating in the South as well as a longer transitional period for vessels which have already been modified to meet SOLAS provisions, so as to avoid the extra costs imposed by the Stockholm standards.
CYCA SOLAS Trusts chairman, Matthew Allen said that the donation milestone is a reflection of how the Trusts have been supported by the CYCA, various other yacht clubs and a very large number of generous corporate and private donors.
If you are not aboard a competing yacht for this year's SOLAS Big Boat Challenge (SBBC), or at least viewing from the water --or attending the post-party at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, you are missing out.
CYCA SOLAS Trusts has funded a hand-held FLIR thermal vision binocular that will enhance search and rescue operations.
The CYCA, Sydney Hobart Yacht Race Safety of Life at Sea Trusts (CYCA SOLAS Trusts) was established following the tragic loss of six lives in the 1998 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race by the Club and a number of CYCA then directors.
The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia has hosted the Rotary Charity Regatta for the past 19 years and the CYCA SOLAS Trusts has been one of the nominated beneficiaries of the regatta since 2008.