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Estas herramientas permiten el almacenamiento de datos en formato RDF y la consulta usando el lenguaje estandar SPARQL.
Spyder makes use of W3C standards in its operations: SPARQL for queries, SQL for communicating with data sources etc.
From Barry Zane, CEO of SPARQL City: “The release of 1.
10) SPARQL (SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language) es un lenguaje estandarizado para la consulta de datos RDF de la World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
Cuatro, si ademas utiliza estandares de la web como RDF y SPARQL para identificar los datos, lo que permite que otras personas puedan enlazarlos.
YarcData driving thought leadership in this area will be positive for the overall graph database market, and this contest could help expand the use of RDF and SPARQL as valuable tools for solving Big Data problems.
This introductory guide to learning the SPARQL multi-database querying language provides practical instruction on using this important tool for working with RDF accessible data across diverse sources, and integral parts of cutting edge semantic web technology.
This is actually possible by virtue of the knowledge query languages such as RQL (RDF Query Language), DQL (DAML Query Language) or SPARQL, which allow to impose queries like "who is the member of development team, dealing with application X".
Some areas investigated include dynamic web services composition based on linear temporal logic, numerical simulation of a low-pressure ejector's performance, and semantic retrieval based on SPARQL and fuzzy ontology for electronic commerce.
The ways this machine-friendly data can be created vary in complexity and just as you may not know exactly how your computer creates documents and stores them on your hard drive, you may never need to enter the world that uses words like "taxonomy" and its close relation "ontology" or new tech terms like RDF (Resource Description Framework) and SPARQL.