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One of these experiments is SPDY ( pronounced " SPeeDY"), an application- layer protocol for transporting content over the web, designed specifically for minimal latency.
The SPDY proxy also could "break" existing content delivery optimization mechanisms used by service providers, which would degrade service quality for consumers.
In addition, F5 solutions now provide an innovative approach for enabling SPDY protocol optimizations for any legacy application.
This is perhaps the primary reason Google loves speedy websites so much that it came up with SPDY.
SPDY by Google, a network optimization protocol that improves HTTP response times by crunching the latency effects of a network through optimizing the "handshakes" and reducing the number of required connections for a session
Speedy" implies a solid-state drive (SSD) server platform, website performance and page download speed optimization (PSO), and leveraging the SPDY transport protocol.
Strangeloop was also the first company to integrate Google's SPDY protocol into its product offerings.