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Alternatively, a decrease in vagal tone during anaesthesia may have been responsible for these changes, although after checking the athletes previous exercise stress test, the ST segment changes noted during anaesthesia were not present while exercising.
These include patients with ST segment depression, elevated risk scores, (31,32) elevated serum troponins, (33,34) and diabetes mellitus.
Pulmonary embolism with ST segment elevation in leads V1 to V4: case report and review of the literature regarding electrocardiographic changes in acute pulmonary embolism.
Delivery 1 pc cardiotocography with ST segment analyzer fetal ECG for Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of the University Hospital Olomouc.
ST segment depression in hypertensive patients: a comparison of exercise test versus Holter ECG.
After 30 minutes of stable anaesthesia, positive pressure ventilation and laser ablation, a sudden and marked ST segment elevation occurred in ECG lead II followed by cardiovascular collapse with profound hypotension (Figure 1).
Patients who were taking digitalis (n=10) or patients with a right (n=6) or left (n=3) bundle branch block were not excluded from this analysis because the baseline ST-segment abnormalities could be distinguished from acute ischemic changes in the ST segment when continuous trends in the ST segment were analyzed.
1) showed AVNRT at a rate of 130 beats/min (read as sinus tachycardia), inferior and anterolateral ST segment depression with ST segment elevation in leads V1 and aVR.
Analyze ST trial will evaluate safety and efficacy of ST segment monitoring in Fortify ST ICD
Electrocardiogram revealed ST segment elevation and hyperacute T waves in leads V2 to V4 (Figure 2).
Electrocardiography showed left bundle branch block with diffuse changes in the ST segment and the T wave.