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A good governance model for an SWF includes mechanisms for regular disclosure of information about in- and out-flow of revenues, the performance of the investments, and other aspects that may be relevant to the broader public.
Japan, which is struggling with the combination of a large elderly population and a shrinking workforce, also has a non-commodity-based SWF which aims to increase its pension pot.
On the contrary, Singapore's Temasek Holdings, which is five times smaller that Norway's SWF, has achieved an annualised rate of return of 16 per cent since its inception in 1974 - not the net rate of return as in Norway's SWF's case.
Scottish Building Society boss Mark Thomson said: "We are delighted to be joining forces with SWF to help unlock the potential of the sport and support its future development here in Scotland.
USGlobal Airways plans to lease a fleet of B767-300 aircraft which will carry passengers, cargo, and mail from SWF to such possible destinations as London, Paris, Barcelona, Nice, Naples, Athens, Warsaw, Budapest, Prague, St.
It seems unlikely that Tanzania could commit lo investing more than a small amount to its SWF on an annual and long-term basis.
It's difficult to say [when the SWF will be launched]," says Evans.
The monograph contains a large number of figures and tables, which perfectly complement the theoretical and empirical analysis on the issue of SWF.
While London is at the heart of the UK's strength in SWF management - nine of the largest 20 SWFs have offices in London compared to seven in New York - cities such as Aberdeen, Birmingham, Cardiff and Liverpool are also important centres for fund management.
This research study (primarily focused on CEE) is based on empirical data garnered from the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute Transaction Database: arguably the most comprehensive and authoritative resource tracking SWF investment behaviour globally.
Ali Saleh Abdullah, 30, who lives in Al-Makhader district of Ibb, said his family has been registered with SWF since 1996.
For his part, Executive Director of the SWF Mansour al-Fayyadhi pointed out that the Fund absorbed more than 40 percent of the WB grant during the last quarter of 2014 through the disbursement of the social security amounts with 50 percent increase for each case.