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The beautiful Carmelite church contains a sacred relic, part of the body of Saint Valentine.
The Holy Grail was searched for in medieval times, and believed to be a sacred relic of Christianity.
It is the grandchild of Star Wars, a sacred relic blessed by Saint Ronald Reagan himself, and it will keep appearing on various dining-room tables for years to come.
The sacred relic housed in the cathedral, the Sacred Belt of the Virgin, its symbolism to the city, pilgrimage and festival celebrations it engendered, and the relationship between the church and the city's commune are discussed in detail.
argues persuasively that the Grail is a typical twelfth-century portable altar, topped by a slab of semiprecious stone, under which a sacred relic might be encased, and upon which the Eucharistic elements were placed.
As Barber traces the Grail's journey from romance object to sacred relic, he covers the debate over its linguistic origins and then discusses the vessel's dual function as "a provider of earthly food" and "a spiritual presence" in its post-Chretien manifestations (102).
There is within the church a sacred relic, verified by the Pope - a tiny piece of the finger of St Valentine, and every Valentine's Day a special service takes place.
On Sunday, the sacred relic was returned to Famen Temple, 115 kilometers northwest of Xi'an, capital of central Shaanxi Province.
A biochemist, for 14 years, from 1938 until 1952, he worked as an embalmer at the Lenin Mausoleum, keeping the Soviet Union's most sacred relic from decomposing.
The sacred relic is mounted on a podium and covered by a glass cage, echoing the bell-jar like form of the chapel itself.
During the 5-day public obeisance in Macao, more than 140 thousand Buddhist devotees have paid homage to the sacred relic.