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On Sunday, the sacred relic was returned to Famen Temple, 115 kilometers northwest of Xi'an, capital of central Shaanxi Province.
It can be a primary source for a researcher, a sacred relic in some cultures or a tool to learn more about one's ancestors.
The Ghost Dance shirt is considered a sacred relic by Lakota Sioux.
A biochemist, for 14 years, from 1938 until 1952, he worked as an embalmer at the Lenin Mausoleum, keeping the Soviet Union's most sacred relic from decomposing.
In Part II, Godefroy must reluctantly again trade the familiarity of chainmail for a world more attuned to email when the Duke announces that his jewels - including a sacred relic - have been stolen.
The sacred relic is mounted on a podium and covered by a glass cage, echoing the bell-jar like form of the chapel itself.
There will be a veneration of the sacred relic of the True Cross of Jesus Christ in Monasterio de Tarlac.
Pilgrims then make their way to Mecca's Great Mosque for a "farewell visit" to the Kaaba, a cube-shaped structure into which is set the Black Stone, Islam's most sacred relic.
Regal drapery completes the arrangement, crowning and encompassing the jacket as though it were a sacred relic.
Once reunited, the pair team up to finish the task and find the sacred relic before the Nazis get hold of it.
This book started during the uproar over Phillips's grail story when just about everybody seemed to have competing claims for ownership of the sacred relic.
In 1022, he presented the nuns with a sacred relic he had brought back from Rome, the arm of St Augustine.