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1996) -- it is specific combinations of sacrificial offerings that make up particular aluk.
BEFORE any big event, it is considered auspicious to make a sacrificial offering.
I'm very pleased that justice has been done, but in my view Clive Goodman is the sacrificial offering," Mr Clifford, whose phone was also targeted, said.
I hated the Sophie Dahl ad where she was splayed out like a sacrificial offering to flog some perfume, I'd even go so far as to say I found it offensive.
But he was nothing more than a sacrificial offering as Calzaghe stormed in for the kill.
Tupa-Gala, who hates Rusti for having married into nobility, proclaims that the only way to prevent further manifestations of irritability on the part of Pachacamac is to celebrate a capac-cocha, the sacrificial offering of a child.
bar and, in a frenzied burlesque of O'Neill's ``The Iceman Cometh,'' ends up as a sacrificial offering.
However, Kopaczynski chooses to carve out an antiabortion feminist position through a sacrificial offering of pro-choice feminists.
More likely is Hiddink asking Branislav Ivanovic or Jose Bosingwa to play the role of sacrificial offering, hoping they can do enough to prevent Messi from running riot.
A sacrificial offering on the altar of working commitments, I heroically gave up my usual trip to London Fashion Week this year.
Eriksson may still make that change, with Michael Carrick holding and Gerrard the most likely of the two to be given the advanced role, whether playing as the second striker instead of Peter Crouch or with Joe Cole the sacrificial offering.
Could be the sacrificial offering, with Valencia and Real Madrid interested.