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SAFE-CONDUCT, comm. law, war. A passport or permission from a neutral state to persons who are thus authorized to go and return in safety, and, sometimes, to carry away certain things, in safety. According to common usage, the term passport is employed on ordinary occasions, for the permission given to persons when there is no reason why they should not go where they please: and safe-conduct is the name given to the instrument which authorizes certain persons, as enemies, to go into places where they could not go without danger, unless thus authorized by the government.
     2. A safe-conduct is also the name of an instrument given to the captain or master of a ship to proceed on a particular voyage: it usually contains his name and residence, the name, description and destination of the ship, with such other matters as the practice of the place requires. This document is indispensably necessary for the safety of every neutral ship.
     3. The act of congress of April 30th, 1790, s. 27, punishes the violation of any safe-conduct or passport granted under the authority of the United States, on conviction, with imprisonment, not exceeding three years, and a fine at the discretion of the court. Vide Conduct; Passport; and 18 Vin. Ab. 272.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(42) But a safe-conduct violation might also occur at the hands of another alien in the United States, particularly in the more cosmopolitan port cities where most of the original federal district courts were sited.
Assuming that Sosa was right that the ATS addressed safe-conduct violations, why was it wrong in concluding that the statute also addressed injuries against ambassadors and piracy, (43) which William
The focus of contemporary ATS analysis almost exclusively on piracy and ambassadorial infringements--and the virtual neglect of the safe-conduct violation--has obscured the real reasons for its enactment and skewed its modern implications.
I will be at that time president and I will give him (Sison) a safe-conduct and also those in prison like the Tiamzons because they have to participate in the peace talks, Duterte said in a press conference late Saturday evening here.
He saved more than 5,000 Jews from persecution and extermination between 1937 and 1944, providing them with false documents and safe-conducts. He also paid for his actions with his own deportation to the Dachau concentration camp where he died from exhaustion and hard labour in February 1945, at age 35.