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Intervention-based research needs to be conducted on how to increase safer sex practices among this vulnerable population and increase condom self-efficacy.
All the participants in this study provided scenarios in which gender imbalances related to responsibility for safer sex, contraception, disease prevention, and sexual behaviours played a significant role in sexual health decision-making processes.
com, Planned Parenthood's educational web site for teens (available in English and in Spanish), the new manual continues to actively engage young people, allowing them to focus on the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to practice safer sex but this time in Spanish.
This paper examines how the tendency to avoid thoughts related to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is associated with communication about safer sex practices and condom use consistency.
While the condom code was based on individual fear and safer sex, these new strategies must emphasize responsible sex and demand that gay men consider the effect of their actions on the well-being of larger society, not just on themselves.
Although potent antiretroviral therapy is beneficial on a public health basis, patients with no detectable virus in their blood under treatment should not be considered noninfectious and patients should continue with safer sex practices.
On the one hand, those who were not yet sick were encouraged to develop a safer sex strategy; they were advised to presume that their partners were potentially infectious and to limit their activities to those that posed a level of risk they were willing to accept.
LOS ANGELES -- In recognition of International Condom Day (ICD) - an informal annual celebration of safer sex held on February 13 in conjunction with Valentine's Day - AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the largest global AIDS organization, hosted and supported condom distribution and awareness-raising activities on every continent, spreading safer sex messages in 26 countries around the world.
For eighteen years, they have focused on bringing only the highest quality safer sex products to the consumer's attention.
Safer sex is important for protection against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and HIV/AIDS (Human Immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).
The message was about safer sex and if it makes you sit up and take notice then it's the best way to do it.
This gives the impression that safer sex and pleasurable sex are mutually exclusive.