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"Whether it's a disconnected lanyard, a burned-out peanut bulb, or an unattached safety chain, having more than 300 pairs of eyes constantly looking for these potential 'Waldos' means the ship stays in much better material condition and is safer," said Kuriger.
The first movement that caught my attention was a maintainer to my right, who was caught offguard by my sudden appearance inside the safety chain. Fortunately, that sight was enough to recage my gyro.
Their 15ft motorboat capsized after it rammed into a safety chain designed to prevent boats from going over a weir.
According to the manufacturer, the stand's special tightening system used to secure the safety chain around the tree makes it virtually impossible to slip.
This door is also fitted with a safety chain drive so that it can be manually opened or closed in the event of a mains power failure.
The front right wheel flailed around without breaking off from the car, as it is now secured by a safety chain, a measure introduced after Ayrton Senna's fatal crash.
Contract awarded for 42ns-9 meter long lc gate safety chain of 8 mm dia, width of chain link should be 40 mm with both side ring of 8 mm dia and width of ring should 80 mm, with "stop" marked red disc attachment at the cent
Attach the new safety chain hook to the FMTV tow shackle opposite the trailer angle.
Using a door safety chain sends out the signal that the householder is safety aware, PC Ruffett said.
Raymond Styles, a former employee of Global Technologies, said if a safety chain had been fitted then the handbrake on the trailer would have stopped it very quickly.
I wonder if anybody really expected a safety chain, held in place by duct tape, to prevent someone from falling through an opening in the upper level deck, to the middle level below.