Sailing instructions

SAILING INSTRUCTIONS, mar. law. Written or printed directions, delivered by the commanding officer of a convoy to the several masters of the ships under his care, by which they are enabled to understand and answer his signals, to know the place of rendezvous appointed for the fleet, in case of dispersion by storm, by an enemy, or by any other accident.
     2. Without sailing instructions no vessel can have the full protection and benefit of convoy. Marsh. Ins. 368.

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Links to the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions and Entry Forms are available at http://www.
The following days have a mix of passage races around the glorious Whitsunday Islands picked from our sailing instructions to suit conditions and tides, varying in length from 24 to 40 nm.
A substantial introduction is included, and appendices provide supporting texts such as contemporary letters describing the voyage, other accounts of this and other voyages, and da Gama's sailing instructions to his successor.
SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 15: 8AM: Sailing instructions available from Information.
During the race, sailors are required as part of their sailing instructions and participation rules to call the Coast Guard and report their positions on the grid at precise report times and at their roundings.
There are several signal books, copies of trak charts, and the admiral's flag-rank commissions; instructions for the conduct of ships of war; general instructions and notes for courts-martial; and sailing instructions for the east coast of North America.
The sailing instructions were shouted to students in the beginners sailing camp offered by the Westlake Yacht Club.
This "conspectus of navigational theory" (Tibbets) in eleven sections deals with astronomical measurements, the nautical calendar, sailing instructions and brief descriptions of routes and ports on the Indian Ocean (fols.
Notice of Race, Entry Forms and Sailing Instructions are available at the HKHC website at www.
The winner of the Tattersalls Cup that year was Sagacious, but because of an anomaly in the sailing instructions, the rest of the fleet did not move up a place and, officially, there was no first place overall that year.
Misinterpreting the Sailing Instructions, he believed a 360-degree penalty turn for running Rush's engine outside the time limit, would exonerate him.