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To initiate a lawsuit or continue a legal proceeding for the recovery of a right; to prosecute, assert a legal claim, or bring action against a particular party.


verb appeal to the law, apply for, ask for relief, bring a legal action, bring an action, bring to justice, bring to the bar, claim, commence a suit, contest, entreat, file a legal claim, file suit, implore, initiate a civil action, inntitute a legal proceeding, institute process, legally pursue, litigate against, make appeal to, orare, petition, plead, preeer a claim, press a claim, pursue a claim, put on trial, seek by request, supplicate, take to court
Associated concepts: power to sue, right to sue, standing to sue
Foreign phrases: Nemo alieno nomine lege agere potest.No one can sue in the name of another.
See also: appeal, call, charge, claim, complain, demand, importune, litigate, prosecute

TO SUE. To prosecute or commence legal proceedings for the purpose of recovering a right.

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While thanking the patronage extended to the show, Sait said several members of the Indian Business Promotion Network (IBPN) and representatives of expatriate forums found time to visit the exhibition venue on the opening day.
Student Name Rank School Poster Topic Malsoon Kim 1 NAIT 2,5-Dimethylfuran as a Biofuel Madelaine McKinley 1 SAIT Alzheimer's Oral Presentation Session.
In providing this grant, AVEVA Americas is helping support SAIT students by providing state-of-the-art training on the globally renowned engineering design IT solution; PDMS, a best-in-class plant design tool.
Since 1993, this new management philosophy has penetrated into all business lines and given SAIT an opportunity to improve the uncomfortable relationship with business units and focus on the organizational mission.
The trustee and SAIT team will be assigned to the two schools at least through August 2008 and until the schools meet designated growth targets in their state API scores for two consecutive years.
At SAIT, the Centre for Innovative Information Technology Solutions (CIITS) will have an initial focus on using information technology to streamline business processes but is positioned to quickly expand into the health care and construction sectors in the second phase of the project.
Media used in helical scan SAIT drives are data-certified versions of those used in professional broadcast applications.
Merchant of death Mehmet Sait offered our investigators a pounds 4million consignment of heroin.
For nearly two decades, SAIT has learned about the specific training requirements of First Nations, Inuit and Metis.
Sony Electronics offers a series of PetaSite tape library systems based on SAIT drive technology--the industry's highest-capacity data tape technology.
The Pervasive database is the strength behind a number of mission-critical applications, but we are particularly proud to add value to a tool used by the police and fire officials who serve our communities," said Suaad Sait.
In the French version of your national anthem 0 Canada, you sing; 'Carton bras sait porter l'epee, II sait porter Ia croix.