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Gold bullion and credit reserves were the preferred choice of Harrod and the second best solution for Triffin, Hirsch, Moller and Dieterlen and the only choice for Salant, Uri, Kojima, deJongh, Dupriez, Halm, Mundell and Scitovsky.
Salant T, Ganschow PS, Olopade OI, Lauderdale DS, 2006.
Salant adds, "As broadcasters transfer thousandsof hours of tape to compressed, digital hard-disk storage, they look for ingest tools like Actus' that can handle more than one type of recording workflow."
On the contrary, mergers with quantity competition are (generally) not profitable (see Salant et al., 1983).
As a result, sampling error (i.e., surveying only some, and not all, randomly selected elements of the survey population) and volunteer bias (i.e., sample members are self-selected volunteers) were evident in this study (Salant and Dillman 1994).
Salant (1992) suggests that this result is due to the use of deliberately low ticket prices by team owners as a form of insurance offered to season ticket holders.
Seminal works (the so-called first generation models) emphasize the importance of unsustainable fiscal policy and present arguments that currency crises are predictable from increasing budget deficits and debts or decreasing foreign reserves (Salant and Henderson 1978; Krugman 1979).
The 49 focus group interviews, which each lasted from one and a half to two hours, were recorded, professionally transcribed, and analyzed using NVivo software (Masi & Gehlert, 2009; Salant & Gehlert, 2008).
Development/assessment of the results of the Likert-type items was based on Dillman (2000), Gillis and Jackson (2002), Salant and Dillman (1994), and Watson (2002a).
The number of Southeast Asians immigrating to English-speaking countries is increasing, leading to greater interest in their mental health and cultural adjustment experiences (Salant & Lauderdale, 2003).
(2002) nao constataram diferenca estatistica significativa de soropositividade entre os gatos de rua (50%; 42/84) e aqueles que possuiam domicilio (36%; 42/116), e SALANT & SPIRA (2004) evidenciaram uma maior prevalencia em gatos domiciliados que nao tinham acesso a rua (40%) que aqueles que viviam exclusivamente na rua (26%), ambos discordando dos resultados obtidos neste estudo.
These immune complexes may activate the complement system and result in glomerular imune injury that induces glomerulonephritis and finally progresses to renal function impairment (Couser and Salant 1980; Couser 1985; Paccarld 1989).