Sale note

SALE NOTE. A memorandum given by a broker to a seller or buyer of goods, stating the fact that certain goods have been sold by him on account of a person called the seller to another person called the buyer. Sale notes are also called bought notes, (q.v.) and sold notes. (q.v.)

References in classic literature ?
The Black Hawk money-lender who held mortgages on Peter's livestock was there, and he bought in the sale notes at about fifty cents on the dollar.
Cancellation of the installment sale note at death does not avoid inclusion of the fair market value of the note in the seller's estate.
Police tracked down his HQ after he accidentally left a sale note in the lay-by.
Police found a sale note in the lay-by and contacted his bosses, who phoned and stopped him near Arrochar.
Those who voted against the sale note that the crucial difference will be that farmers will no longer be in the drivers' seat, and much of the profit from operations will go overseas, rather than back into the rural Iowa economy.