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With a clear-cut mission of helping its customers succeed, Orgill employs one of the largest field-support teams in the industry with nearly 275 full-time sales representatives scattered across the United States.
If denied, the file may be forwarded electronically to another lender of the Realtor's choice, allowing the borrower and sales representative to have a second opinion.
To spark interest, sales representatives drop off informational fliers at houses, hawk the product at swap meets and hold demonstrations at the Valencia headquarters.
The details of each company's sales plan may differ, but generally all offer products through sales representatives who sign on as independent contractors.
The statute does contain one explicit exception to this ancillary' approach, however: the maintenance of an office in the state, even if solely for sales representatives, loses the protection offered by Public Law No.
Sales representatives for temporary help services firms locate and acquire clients who will hire the firm's employees.
Reichhold Expands Role of Two Key Sales Representatives.
Stimson technical sales representative for NY and PA.
Donald Muncy was named sales representative for the company.
Ann Arbor, Michigan, has appointed Joe McGreal sales representative.
Sara Liebowitz joined Longwood Elastomers as sales representative for the northeast U.
Joe Furano was named Engelhard's senior technical sales representative for coatings, ink and plastics in its western region.