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Salesmen have been reported to be operating in Shotton on Deeside this week.
As it officially enters its 10th month, Standard Bank Namibia's 'Paradise Island Challenge' for its top Dealership and Vehicle Salesmen is in full swing" the bank said this week.
Most expatriate salesmen are opposed to the employment of Saudi saleswomen and have been driving them away through their negative attitudes, Sarrah Ahmad, a Saudi woman working in a shop, said.
The police plea comes after reports of salesmen visiting homes in Sutton Coldfield and aggressively selling small household items.
Speaking to the newspaper, Fahd Al-Tukhaifi, assistant undersecretary for development at the ministry, said that the ministry has stopped issuing visas for foreigners to work as salesmen at lingerie shops.
Summary: DUBAI -- The Court of Misdemeanours fined two salesmen and a general manager of a jewellery shop and a jeweller of another shop Dh2,000 each for harming, unintentionally, the safety of a two-month-old Emirati boy.
Now salesmen demand the authorities and Parliament to give jobs to them.
18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Home improvement salesmen have ways of convincing homeowners to part with money they had no intention of spending.
YOU may have never felt sorry for car salesmen but the new Will Ferrell movie, The Goods, could change your mind with its release on DVD tomorrow.
A WORRYING aspect of Rogue Traders on BBC TV is that it is not just individual salesmen who are cheating.
Remington recently recognized its top-selling sales group and honored individual salesmen with its 2007 sales awards.
TWO jewellery salesmen were robbed of diamond necklaces and bracelets as they approached their car on Liverpool's London Road.