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Question: What do you call two insurance salesmen driving their car off a cliff?
Dealerships should reach their set target before the salesmen can qualify," explained Junius noting that all the different dealerships in the various categories are competing against each other.
The police plea comes after reports of salesmen visiting homes in Sutton Coldfield and aggressively selling small household items.
Speaking to the newspaper, Fahd Al-Tukhaifi, assistant undersecretary for development at the ministry, said that the ministry has stopped issuing visas for foreigners to work as salesmen at lingerie shops.
The prosecution filed charges against two salesmen and the general manager of the shop and the jeweller of the other shop.
was honored with a Special Recognition Award for her efforts in assisting the salesmen and their customers.
One of the salesmen was assaulted and the offender stole the car keys from him.
While the companies make claims based on slightly different scientific principles, I cannot help thinking that they are modern versions of yesteryear's traveling salesmen, peddling aphrodisiacs, pick-me-ups, and cures for venereal diseases and sexual dysfunction.
When five men tried to steal precious gems from two jewelry salesmen, they ran into a hail of lead.
Energy watchdogs are warning the public about dodgy doorstep salesmen.
But he talked so fast and continuously that he outsold salesmen with superior products.