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However, regardless of the participation of other political subjects on these meetings, the BESA Movement decided to walk alone, which might return as a boomerang, stated journalist Urim Salii who assessed that it might weaken their position with the Albanian voters on the local elections.
In the same section of Livy, Numa founds the priestly college of Salii for the worship of Mars: 'Salios item duodecim Marti Gradiuo legit tunicaeque pictae insigne dedit et super tunicam aeneum pectori tegumen caelestiaque arma, quae ancilia appellantur, ferre ac per urbem ire canentes carmina cum tripudiis sollemnique saltatu iussit'.
Scotellaro, 1986: 30-31) Salii alla cattedrale di Ancona, e mi affacciai, per la prima volta dopo tanto tempo, sul mare.
5,73: Quirinus a Quiritibus), pues Quirino era el Marte sabino (Dumezil 1977: 108, 234), al que se vinculaban los Salii Colini (id.
Palau's third president, Lazurus Salii, committed suicide in September 1988 amidst bribery allegations.
Vidinio kokybes valdymo sistemi Lietuvos profesinio mokymo institucijose ir ES salii patirties studija [A Study of Internal Quality Management Systems in Vocational Education Institutions and EU Experience in this Field].
Now is the time for drinking, Now we must beat the ground with dancing feet, Already now we should have adorned couches For the feasts of the Salii, my friends.
Nella categoria dei sacerdoti viene inquadrato ogni individuo che avesse una funzione, grande o piccola, nella vita religiosa: dai membri delle sodalitates (Feziali, Salii ecc.
PALAU -- Carlos Hiros Salii, Palau National Communications Corp.
The most ancient brotherhoods -- the Pontifices, the Sacerdotes, the Flamines, Auguri, Vestal Virgins, Epulones, the Salii, the Arval and Luperci -- wearing their traditional robes, processed through town to their temples.