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The antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects of Salvia officinalis leaf aqueous and butanol extracts.
2]), number of branches, width and length of leaves, height of inflorescence (cm), number of floral sets (inflorescences), flowers by each floral set, as well as the parameters of biomass production, fresh and dry matter weight (FMW and DMW, g/plant), yield of dry matter (YDM) in terms of tons/ha, essential oil content (EOC, mL/100 g) and yield of essential oils (YEO) expressed as L/ha, of the following plants Salvia verbenaca, Salvia argentea, Salvia lavandulifolia Vahl, Salvia pratensis, Salvia sclarea, Salvia triloba and Salvia officinalis, cultivated in the south Brazilian region.
For Achillea millefolium, Salvia officinalis and Foeniculum vulgare significant difference observed at 5%.
Extracts of Melissa officinalis and Salvia officinalis have long been considered in traditional medicine to have memory- and cognition-enhancing properties.
Take 20 drops of salvia officinalis (sage) in a little water three times daily before meals.
EXETER, ENGLAND -- Salvia officinalis may prove useful for the relief of hot flashes in menopausal women, according to the results of a pilot study presented at a health care symposium sponsored by the University of Exeter.
Background: Salvia officinalis is a traditionally used herb with a wide range of medicinal applications.
Thus, the family of Lamiaceae is very exploited with a number of 10 species: Salvia officinalis L.
b) Centella asiatica and Salvia officinalis may help with improvement to cognitive function.
Essential oil yields and heavy metals content were determined in Salvia officinalis, cultivated in three intra-raw spacing (15, 30 and 45 cm) in the research farm of Ash-Shoubak University College.
SAGE AND SUCCULENTS Above: Salvia officinalis 'Tricolor', a variegated culinary sage, surrounds a rosy Echeverla 'Afterglow'.