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Thats why Im pleased the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee approved my bill to speed up volunteers access to public lands so Good Samaritans can get right to work, said Heller.
They, and about 420 Samaritans living near Tel Aviv in Israel, comprise one of the world's oldest and smallest religious minorities.
There were also an array of stalls including one promoting the Samaritans month-long Talk To Us campaign and how people can volunteer for the charity.
The good Samaritan has to organize a League of Good Samaritans if he (or she) is going to clean up that dangerous road to Jericho.
The Samaritans became the controlling presence in the land once Solomon's Temple was destroyed and the Judeans were exiled.
BLUES diamond partner EZE Group recently answered a call from Birmingham Samaritans, sending them 20 match-day tickets to see Blues take on Norwich City in the Sky Bet Championship.
HUNDREDS of volunteers are set to give up their Christmas for the Samaritans.
Samaritans of Tyneside were awarded just under PS4,000 from Awards for All Big Lottery for a community project called Talking Helps - Samaritans in the Geordie Community.
SIR - Samaritans wholeheartedly supports the call by the Royal College of Nursing for the establishment of a men's health strategy in Wales ("Men's health strategy needed to reduce premature deaths", Feb 4).
THE NUMBERS of lonely and desperate callers to The Samaritans will rise this Christmas - it usually does.
Ramallah Relations between Palestinian Muslims and the small sect known as Samaritans, have recently deteriorated following an Israeli "scheme" to exaggerate historical and religious differences between the two.
The Samaritans rather resent the name by which they are known; preferring to call themselves "Shamerim"--in Hebrew, guardians--for they contend that they have guarded the original Law of Moses, keeping it pure and unadulterated down the centuries.