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EMPEROR, an officer. This word is synonymous with the Latin imperator; they are both derived from the. verb imperare. Literally, it signifies he who commands.
     2. Under the Roman republic, the title emperor was the generic name given to the commanders-in-chief in the armies. But even then the application of the word was restrained to the successful commander, who was declared emperor by the acclamations of the army, and was afterwards honored with the title by a decree of the senate. 3. It, is now used to designate some sovereign prince who bears this title. Ayl. Pand. tit. 23.

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The factor of time was neglected since Samraj [1] did not take it into consideration.
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Unlike Swales (1990), Samraj in Flowerdew (2002: 40-56), by using the model based on Swales (1990) above as an instrument, found the moves of the abstracts of Biology as summarized in Table 2.
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FOOD FACTS: Samraj Sangha studies the ingredients of a cereal box
He was speaking at book launching ceremony of Urdu version of book Samraj shikan authored by Iranian president Mehmood Ahmadinejad here Wednesday in Islamic International University.
From left, back row, Matthew Peal, Chuka Ogbuneke, Stuart Nicholson, Stefan Woodward, Adam Sanders, Cameron Fallan, Jake Bourne, Aki Sandhu (coach); and front, Arminder Singh, Samraj Sandhu, Jamie Lee, Daniel Cassidy and Ryan Keane.
We are also very grateful to John Bell (McMaster University) for programming and administering the online survey, and to Loma Samraj at All-Languages who assisted us in the translation of the survey into French.
The Mummery Book: A Parable Of The Divine True Love, Told By Means Of A Self-Illuminated Illustration Of The Totality Of Mind by Adi Da Samraj (Graduate of Columbia College and Stanford) is an intimate interpretation of the mind and mind's intricacies from the depths of mind of the great modern philosopher.