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COLT. An animal of the horse species, whether male or female, not more than four years old. Russ. & Ry. 416.

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Prior to Samuel Colt, gun ownership was not widespread.
E[acute accent]--$34,050 - Colt First Model Dragoon Revolver, believed a presentation from Samuel Colt to August Francotte, premier gunmaker of Liege, Belgium, c.
In 1831, 16-year-old Samuel Colt ultimately came up with a design that would transform the firearm industry and the American West.
Colt Defense LLC is an American company with a direct lineage to the original company founded by Samuel Colt in 1836.
The exhibition will explore the history and artistry of some of the world's most famous firearms, and the life and times of their innovative creator, Samuel Colt.
Anniversaries: 1545: King Henry VIII's flagship, The Mary Rose, sank in the Solent with the loss of 700 lives; 1588: The Spanish Armada was sighted off the coast of England; 1814: Birth of Samuel Colt, American inventor of the revolver; 1837: The Great Western steamship was launched at Bristol; 1892: Death of travel agent Thomas Cook; 1903: Maurice Garin became the first winner of the Tour de France cycle race devised by journalist Henri Desgranger; 1924: Liverpool Cathedral was consecrated; 1937: Death of cricketer Tom Hayward.
JANUARY 10, 1862: Death of US gunsmith Samuel Colt.
When he left his home in Ware, Massachusetts, the youth Samuel Colt was no more.