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Sana's current geographical network includes 16 stores across the UAE, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain, with nine more expected to open by mid-2015.
"The information we now have is that Sana''s case will be given a proper Judicial Review before another judge who will hopefully allow her case to return to an asylum court for an asylum and immigration judge to hear and decide on all the evidence in her case."
"The castle was just beautiful," said Sana. "Asian weddings can be quite large and elaborate, but it had everything we needed." She added: It just seems like these people who own it are just interested in making money.
The problem is that it takes T thousands of pounds, which SANA doesn't have, to kit and send our young anglers off to compete for their country.
"What she has achieved is very creditable and Sana really deserves this a ward.
But, that day, she could see Sana looked "pale and shocked" and asif she was in need of help, so she let Shalini go out to her.
Although from Iraq, Sana's family has always held close links with the UK.
"This day brings us no joy as we have lost our Sana, a beautiful wife, daughter, sister and mother-to-be.
Outside court, Sana's mother, Maryam Fatima, said: "I wanted to say thank you to the respectable judge, jury, prosecution and to all investigating departments.
Sana moved to England from Pakistan five years ago and lived with her family in Stockport before marrying Sair.
Kung sana lang pagbibigayan at pagmamahalan ang mangibabaw sa mundo, upang makamit ang kahilingan ng tao.
The co-owners, Brother Simba Sana and Brother Yao Ahoto, although proud and grateful, realize they cannot rest.