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INVIOLABILITY. That which is not to be violated. The persons of ambassadors are inviolable. See Ambassador.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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At the end of this discussion on the value and sanctity of life, it is worth remembering that all actions against human nature and natural law my lead to degeneration and dangerous consequences, as those we witnessed in the 20th century (Nazism, Communism, new Left Wing, etc.).
We do not hear of any Catholic organization or politician who actually enacts an agenda that includes promoting the sanctity of life as well as the priorities of social justice.
In short, it's autonomy and mercy on the one side, sanctity of life and/or the possibility of abuse on the other.
Why should the thugs value the sanctity of life when faced by the religious hypocrisy of the Blairs and Bushes of this world?
Touching on themes of animal rights, love and kindness, art and the sanctity of life, McDonnell uses his lovable characters to raise awareness for ideals in which he believes.
And the ailing Thompson campaign nabbed the endorsement of the National Right to Life Committee despite the actor's inability to tell Tim Russert whether he would like to see abortion criminalized, only managing to croak his belief that the sanctity of life is a state issue.
Martin's actions in prematurely ending the life of her mother were not compatible with the fundamental obligation of all health professionals to respect the sanctity of life. Her actions were premeditated and clearly designed to cause her mother's premature death.
It is not until chapter 10 (entitled "Invalid Arguments") that Downie considers principled objections to euthanasia and assisted suicide, including the principle of the "sanctity of life" (100-101).
To mark World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, Birmingham St Mary's Hospice has received pounds 10,000 from Day for Life - the day in the Catholic Church's year dedicated to celebrating the sanctity of life.
AS CHRISTIANS, WE AFFIRM SOMETHING CALLED THE SANCTITY of life. Life is sacred because it's from God, and God is holy.
"We are creating a memorial to a student to remind everybody who walks through these halls of the sanctity of life," Principal Jim Markham told mourners.
An enthusiastically welcome contribution to the ongoing debate concerning the moral intermelding of scientific and religious wisdom, and the increasing need to establish ethical codes that respect the sanctity of life and individual dignity in a world dramatically changed by ever-increasing scientific possibilities.