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Other Indian grantees include Vivek Vajaratkar of Goa- based health action group Sangath, Niraj Sanghai of Sinhgad Technical Education Society, Lonavala and Kumari Smita of Battelle Science & Technology India.
We read with interest the recent case report on 'Plasmodium vivax with acute glomerulonephritis in an 8-year old' by Sanghai et al (1), and have the following comments to offer:
Sanghai is said to have resigned from Goldman Sachs yesterday, but it is not known what his position at HSBC Holdings Plc would be.
Telefonica in Brazil and in Spain, Sanghai PTT in China, along with Telkom in South Africa have all renewed their faith in CS TELECOM's new generation NTs: SafeCom 10 and SafeCom 20.