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Sani is the CEO and owner of 'Shefa Amirim' Limited.
Heading uphill rewards the intrepid with views of Mount Olympus - and the beach and sea below from the summit of Sani Hill.
Niger's military has carried out air strikes against Boko Haram positions and used ground forces to mop up the survivors, Sani said.
Sani said there are various investment opportunities for Qatari Companies in South Africa especially in the infrastructure sector.
Sani Sener, TA V Holding's CEO, believes it is necessary for Macedonia to establish a national airline if the country wishes to raise the number of tourists.
Brigadier (R) Arshad Zia, Director, Rescue 1122, Rashid Kamal Rehman, Director Civil Defense and Nisar Sani, Director Coordination, Provincial Disaster Management Authority and representatives from Punjab Irrigation Department.
Feiglin seeks incitement and wants to touch off a conflagration in the region through (imposing Israeli) control of the mosques in the compound and turning them into a place for Jews to pray, just as they did in the Ibrahim Mosque (in Hebron)," Sani said, cautioning that "if this happened, it would drag the region towards bloodshed.
Qatari Prime Minister Abdullah bin-Nasser Khalifa Al Sani welcomed Erdoy-an and accompanying delegation at the airport with an official ceremony.
com), is offering a saving of up to PS354 on a week at the five-star Sani Beach Club in Halkidiki with prices from PS1,319 for a family of three.
PAKISTANI singer Tina Sani is concerned about the diminishing purity of ghazals -- an art form she has clung on to with unwavering loyalty despite its diminishing following.