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During the final stage, sannyasa, one becomes a renunciate, free from worldly obligations.
Note, as well, his experience of sannyasa diksha and the eucharist in idem, The Further Shore (Delhi: ISPCK, 1984), pp.
The results of Marcaurelle's painstaking investigation can be stated succinctly: Sankara means at least three distinct things by "renunciation"--expressed by such terms as sannyasa, tyaga, nivrtti, uparati, etc.
Nevertheless, it is prescribed only for Brahmins possessed of the desire to attain liberation, who may undergo formal or informal sannyasa after any of the first three asramas.
6 Sankara even equates sannyasa with Brahman: the word brahman in the sloka, he suggests, "is the true sannyasa consisting in steadfastness in the supreme self.
26) Drawn to the mystical teachings of the Upanishads and the sannyasa ideal, Abhishiktananda sought, particularly during his years in solitude, to forge in his own life an interior synthesis of the upanishadic intuitions and the Christian doctrine of the Trinity.
The first would transmit to the candidate the initiation which he himself received, and would coopt him into that mystery of sannyasa which has been manifested throughout the centuries by innumerable mahatmas and sadhus .
The initiation of new members into ashramic life, known as Christian sannyasa diksa, is modeled after the Hindu monastic initiation rite.
According to the present ashram administrator, the following is the general pattern of the Christian sannyasa diksa observed at the Saccidananda Ashram.
To my knowledge, no one seems to have take sannyasa d iksa since Griffiths' death.
In response to Devananda's contention that sannyas cannot be given to a non-Hindu, Griffiths argued "that there is a sannyasa of the heart.