Sans nombre

SANS NOMBRE. This is a French phrase, which signifies without number.
     2. In England it is used in relation to the right of putting animals on a common. The term common sans nombre does not mean that the beasts are to be innumerable, but only indefinite, not certain; Willes, 227; but they are limited to the commoner's own commonable cattle, levant et couchant, upon his lands, or as many cattle as the land of the commoner can keep and maintain in winter. 2 Brownl. 101; Vent. 54; 5 T. R. 48; 1 Saund. 28, n. 4.

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Desireux d'inscrire des valeurs nouvelles sur des tables nouvelles, nietzscheen en ce sens, le cinema d'Eastwood ne cherche-t-il pas a saisir la minuit dans les jardins sans nombre du bien et du mal?
A revealing perspective on how quickly attitudes evolved on some of these questions is afforded by Schwab's letter written in December 1796: whilst Schwab praises Robelot's translation for conveying his ideas with "clarte, justesse et precision," the key qualifies for any classical or neo-classical writer, he also tempers his enthusiasm for France and the French in view of the Revolution; he nevertheless concludes on an optimistic note, hoping the nation will be restored to its place of supremacy once it has atoned for "les cruautes inouies et les injustices sans nombre qu'elle a commises.
Des verifications sans nombre et de nombreuses seances de formation ont du etre realisees pendant les periodes de relache parlementaire, afin de ne pas nuire aux calendriers habituels de production.