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Gentlemen of Bacongo has chapters devoted to those accessories that have become almost indispensable to the modern Sape. Chief among these are the pipes and fine quality cigars that, even if they remain unlit and unsmoked, appear de rigueur to the pose and attitude of today's Sapes when they congregate in the different bars and nightclubs of Brazzaville.
Concerns electronic international tender launched by the Development Division of the IP Rodopi for liquid fuel purchases on behalf of public entities stationed there, and especially for the Democritus University of Thrace, OAED (Komotini Services and Sapes) and FSA for 2016.
The contract relates to the service of transport, handling and preparation of artwork for the exhibition "pompeii and europe (1748-1943)" organized by the superintendence for archaeological heritage of pompeii, herculaneum and stabiae (of following sapes), in collaboration with the superintendence for archaeological heritage of naples, which will take place at the national archaeological museum of naples in museum square and near the ruins of pompeii from may 26 to 02/11/2015.