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With custom designed features, including dual stage toggle clamp ceiling mounts and zero-bezel magnetic grilles, Saros speakers are designed for quick installation, making them a sound choice for commercial installers.
We think it would be appropriate to build an LNG terminal on the Gulf of Saros to meet the needs of Turkey and the region.
As for Saros, it's a cosmic happening, explains Nadia.
com), a leading international provider of advanced test automation solutions, today announced that Saros Ltd (http://www.
It has been noticed that the Saros Canon, compared to the date formulas from the legal and administrative tablets, presents a later, schematized version of the dating formulas of the early Hellenistic period.
MAKING A KNOWN presence through their music, Saros has brought to the local San Francisco metal scene a sound that separates them from other bands.
MISSION AFFIRMED, trained by Tom Tate and ridden by Paul Hanagan, confirmed his liking for the track when taking the seven-furlong handicap by a tidy margin from Saros.
Bryan Smart's team are in flying form at present and Saros can keep up the good run in the catterickbridge.
Bryan Smart's team are in flying form and Saros can keep up the good run in the catterickbridge.
This was because of their knowledge of the Saros, a Babylonian name adopted by modern astronomers for a cycle with a period of 18 years, 11 days and 8 hours.
Cotton'' Tinsley, 72, announced his retirement Wednesday at Santa Anita, having saddled the last of his 312 career winners, Joya de Saros, Aug.
The moon's motions in the sky follow an 18-year cycle calledthe Saros.