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En ciertos casos, la renta del espacio satelital es absorbida por la plataforma, pero en el caso de los canales de FFA, los operadores de satelite tienen que desembolsar los costos si es que no existen plataformas que esten dispuestos a afrontarlos.
And the government is serious about enforcing the decree: on February 3, transportation and telecommunications ministry inspectors arrived at a Canal Satelite distributor and demanded to know whether the decoders sold there met the requirement.
Commenting on the importance of this significant transaction for the Spanish market, Javier Diez de Polanco, CEO of Sogecable and Canal Satelite Digital said: "We are the leading provider of high quality content to the cable operators in Spain and with the conclusion of this agreement we have made it possible for cable customers to access both Spanish League and Cup matches.
Calle 13 -- broadcast on Canal Satelite Digital channel 13 -- today, rolled out its full schedule after an initial three-month broadcast preview period from 13 June.
Intelsat Brasil, Hispamar Satelites, and most recently managed the Loterias da Caixa Network (national lottery project) for Comsat International.
faith in their Canal Satelite Digital platform and are sure that the
Dinimite Satelite currently has Rights of Entry covering approximately 6,000 apartments.
fresh-IT) to deliver Music Choice's non-stop music digital television channels on the Canal Satelite Digital platform.
Fox Sports World y Fox Sports World Espanol estan disponibles mediante sistemas de television por cable afiliados y a traves de los proveedores de servicios por satelite DIRECTV y Dish Network.
During the late 1960's, the firm developed Mexico's first two regional malls - Plaza Satelite and Plaza Universidad, both in Mexico City - which remain among the most successful retail properties in the country.
The two primary payloads were NASA's New Millennium Program Earth-Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite, plus Argentina's first earth-observing satellite, the Satelite de Aplicaciones Cientificas-C (SAC-C).
The two primary payloads include the first of the NASA New Millennium program's Earth-Observing-1 (EO-1) missions, plus Argentina's first earth-observing satellite, the Satelite de Aplicaciones Cientificas-C (SAC-C).