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Actually, as the satellite orbit is so complicated that it is impossible to use a simple model to calculate the satellite position, the true meaning of modeling is to meet using demand within a certain range of accuracy.
One of the key functions of the Radiocommunication Bureau is to develop and implement, through established processes with member states, regulations, standards and coordination procedures for the global management of radio frequency spectrum and satellite orbit resources.
This battery power is delivered primarily during the two 45-day eclipse periods each year while in GEO satellite orbit.
A)-- to rehearse IIR launches, practicing the commanding functions for establishing satellite orbit and verifying the accuracy of navigation data.
In 2019 and 2020, China will send six third-generation Beidou satellites into medium Earth orbits, three to inclined geosynchronous satellite orbits and two to geostationary orbits.
When a satellite orbits over the North and South Poles, we say it's in a polar orbit.

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