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Meeting the extensive list of stringent test requirements of the Department of Defense demonstrates to vendors and governmental agencies that the SX1 is the most cost effective, ruggedized, military grade, all-terrain satellite tracking solution available today and is capable of operating under the harshest environmental conditions," stated Mike Marett, chief operating officer of Numerex.
But we can also use satellite tracking for very minor offences where we are worried about people being on community sentences but where our jails would simply be filled up in an unnecessary fashion.
Researchers at the British Antarctic Survey have recently combined satellite tracking data with wandering albatross activity data to provide a more complete picture of the bird's foraging behavior.
The two companies are teaming up to equip both civilian and special mission aircraft with the most advanced and operationally sound satellite tracking solutions from Blue Sky Network.
The company said that, as of 1 May 2011, the DOI requires that Iridium satellite tracking solutions must be deployed on all aircraft flying any DOI personnel or cargo.
Satellite tracking would be a great safeguard not just for sex offenders but for those repeat and prolific offenders who make our lives a misery, where serious crime is being committed.
Under the plan all new vehicles would be fitted with satellite tracking chips.
The company has been in research and development, for the past four years, of the world's first line of personal satellite tracking devices.
Blue Sky Network (BSN), a leading, global provider of satellite tracking and communication solutions for aviation, land, and marine, today announced its partnership with S4A (Solutions For Aviation), a supplier of aviation equipment and services located in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz), Spain.
We are very excited to be selected as the first company ever to convert a traditional Motorola bus radio system into a futuristic satellite tracking System," said Fairchild's Vice President, Phil Winkelman.
Whale researchers haven't used satellite tracking in the past, he says, because until recently, there wasn't a transmitter small enough to monitor a whale's diving habits by satellite without restricting its movement.
Satellite tracking, fleet management, and automated flight following solutions leader Blue Sky Network announced today that its tracking and messaging hardware, software, and service will be used by the Caribbean's newest low fare airline, REDjet.

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