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Satellite Tracking?Certainly.The only serious reason a criminal can have for not wanting their whereabouts known is because they are intending to commit fresh crimes.
He was placed at the scene because his security van had a satellite tracking system.
2016-360 of 25.3.2016 relating to public procurement, for the acquisition of a satellite tracking tool of the department and associated services.
Satellite tracking is tantamount to to tagging motorists like common criminals.
Owen Anderson will now supply Cattles Invoice Finance with vehicle satellite tracking, business telecomms and CCTV equipment.
Both will be badged Type UK to distinguish them from 'grey' imports which do not have European Type approval and to reflect additional features such as a Category One alarm/immobiliser, satellite tracking system, enhanced rust proofing, locking wheel nuts and a three year/60,000 mile warranty.
CHILDREN are set to be protected by a satellite tracking system that tips off authorities if sex offenders go near schools or playgrounds.
Deployable (Tactical) X/Y LEO Tracking Antenna - Designed specifically for quick deployment LEO satellite tracking applications
As for compulsory satellite tracking devices on vehicles, every foreign lorry entering Britain should also have the same devices fitted.
The company will focus on developing a new class of consumer electronics that rely on satellite tracking, wireless networks and powerful computer chips.
Tenders Are Invited for Upgrading Hellenic Satellite Tracking System for Rescue and Rescue Missions - Participation in the MEOSAR system of the international COSPAS-SARSAT Program (MEOSAR).
The report from children's charity Barnardos also called for more satellite tracking of sex offenders to alert police if they neared banned areas.

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