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By highlighting the issues that we face, satirists empower the public to honestly think about their actions, and the actions of those around them.
Satirists have been around for a long time and 500 years ago we would have burnt them at the stake but that was in the past.
Mr Sheppard added: "Comedians, satirists and journalists know that courting controversy can often come with the territory.
The Stand managing director Tommy Sheppard sheppard T said the club wanted to make a stand with satirists all over the world.
As we are mortified by the slaughter of those writers and editors in Paris, it's a good time to come up with a less hypocritical approach to our own controversial figures, provocateurs and satirists.
Across the globe, in Greece, India, South Africa and elsewhere, cartoonists are describing the satirists killed at French magazine Charlie Hebdo as among the most fearless and irreverent in the business.
New Delhi: Indian satirists said they are not pleased either with the National Report website's article targeting recent increase in the number of sexual assault cases against women in India, describing it as "going too far" and "contravening the norms of decency.
It's ironic that the last seven days began with one of the most significant days in United States politics and today we are capping it off by announcing a wax figure of one of the nation's most renowned political satirists," said Dan Rogoski , General Manager for Madame Tussauds D.
Rick Perry's underwhelming and inconsistent debate performances have made him a target of pundits, political satirists - and many of his party's top figures.
Festival director Barbara Nestor said: "We're really delighted that Rory Bremner and the Irish satirists and comedians are buying into our festival.
The "Edwardian character" of Harold Macmillan and the newly projected "people's premier" Harold Wilson provided ready ammunition for the political satirists of the time.
WITH Ann Widdecombe and Vince Cable donning spangly outfits for Strictly Come Dancing, could it finally be time for political satirists to follow the politicians in a foxtrot?