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addressed the satisfiability problem in the context of role-based workflow systems while supporting user delegation mechanisms [1].
It's generally theoretical, yet satisfiability problems arise in almost every field," Knoblock says.
The researchers chose a much more complex satisfiability problem that involved 16 variables and the logical operations AND and XOR.
A new method for solving hard satisfiability problems.
Logical possibility is explicated in set-theoretic terms, either as consistency or, more likely, satisfiability (or both).
Figure 5 shows how the size of satisfiability problems that can be solved in a fixed amount of time improved 1000-fold from 1998 to 2010.
Reducing owl entailment to description logic satisfiability.
It was shown that the problem of satisfiability of planar 3-SAT(type 2) is NP-complete [15].
For checking rules for inconsistency it is proposed to use AND/OR-graph and solution of satisfiability problem for Boolean formulas (SATisfiability problem--SAT) [11].
A special planar satisfiability problem and a consequence of its NP-completeness.
The use of the new system implemented radiation fields must meet the requirements of ISO 4037-1: 1996 and meet the requirements of this standard satisfiability is the central acceptance criterion for the facility to be constructed.